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Singer/Songwriter / Rocklin Singing Teacher

A singer and composer in the Roseville/Rocklin area, Jennifer Bloomer has been producing and performing her own heartfelt songs most of her life. Her music is characterized by deep themes, soulful melodies and rich harmonies, and is described as a blending of pop, jazz, adult contemporary, contemporary folk and classical.


Growing up in a family of classical composers and professional jazz musicians, Jennifer was heavily influenced by both genres of music. Her background includes singing for jazz bands, ensemble groups, as well as singing and acting in musical theatrical productions. She has studied music theory and composition, and has arranged her own solo piano pieces on her two self-produced full-length studio albums.


A member of the Northern California Songwriters Association, Jennifer has performed regularly at open mics throughout the south Bay Area. She has also performed at festivals, weddings, New Thought churches, bookstores, house concerts, songwriter's industry showcases and coffee houses.


Jennifer has written a musical theatrical one-act show, called "The Flower Story," and also composed the music for two original musicals for a junior college. She is currently studying the art of orchestration to fully orchestrate her piano score for "The Flower Story," as well as for future composition works she plans on writing for both theatre and film. Check out her YouTube channel!

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Singing Lessons


Drawing from her many years of traditional voice training, her rich performance background, along with her spiritual studies, Jennifer created her own unique method of teaching voice, which she has been teaching since 2002. This method is all about opening and awakening one's true voice and having the courage and trust to express it. This work blends traditional vocal techniques with grounding and awareness to help the authentic voice to flow freely. Understanding that the voice truly is an expression of the soul, emphasis is put on releasing limiting beliefs that constrict the natural voice.

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Songwriting Lessons


Being a songwriter herself, Jennifer finds immense pleasure in coaching others in creating their own songs, to express whatever wants to be expressed from their own life experience. Jennifer has taught and coached from beginners to very experienced songwriters, with all levels in between. Her lessons in the greater Sacramento area can include song/idea creation, melody, harmony, song form, lyrics, hand written music notation, Sibelius music notation software as well as beginning Logic Pro Digital Audio Software. Special emphasis is given to performance for those students wanting to perform their own songs. It is helpful to play an accompanying instrument (most likely piano or guitar), but not necessary.

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Roseville/Rocklin area singing lessons. Jennifer Bloomer provides voice lessons and classes also in the Lincoln, Granite Bay, Fair Oaks, Carmichael, Orangevale, 

Folsom, El Dorado Hills and Auburn areas.

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