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By mid 30's Jennifer began working with a producer on her debut album, "Ebb & Flow". During this time she also performed in several full-length house concerts, songwriter's showcases, as well as many churches. She also formed an early music vocal ensemble, which performed for several years, and began teaching her unique method of voice lessons, 

The 40's brought forth Jennifer's 2nd full length album, "Soul's Expression". This album is completely self-produced, and recorded free-flowing, without the constriction of a click-track, and has the unique distinction of even including a track sung by Jennifer's oldest daughter, age 13 at the time, called "I Am Growing Up". It also includes one of Jennifer's all time favorite songs, "The Abyss", as well her first instrumental Celtic piece, called "My Celtic Soul". The album is recorded with minimal instrumentation, to truly bring out and showcase the piano parts. 

Beyond all this, Jennifer continued performing at many New Thought venues, house concerts and various festivals. She also wrote a musical theatrical one-act show, called "The Flower Story" which came to her in a burst of inspiration one day on a long drive. She also composed the music for two original musicals produced by Cabrillo College, in Aptos. And she continued honing her skills as a very compassionate and intuitive singing teacher and songwriting coach.

Currently Jennifer is living in Rocklin, California, learning the art of orchestration to fully orchestrate her piano score for "The Flower Story" as well teaching voice and songwriting students. She has also taken on the role as Music Director for the Sacramento Center For Spiritual Living.

Jennifer Bloomer has been composing and performing her own heartfelt songs most of her life. Beginning with her first tune at age 7, called "If I Were a Tree", her music continues to be characterized by deep themes, soulful melodies and rich harmonies. Nowadays, though, her music is also described as a blending of pop, jazz, contemporary folk and classical.

Growing up in the California Bay Area in a family of classical composers and jazz musicians, Jennifer was heavily influenced by both genres of music. Accompanying herself at the piano, she began performing her early songs at recitals (put on by her composer/music teacher mother) by age ten. Her early tunes were thoughtful and reflective, sometimes with a classical sound. At age 16 Jennifer wrote her classical solo piano piece, "Andante De Amor", which she features on her debut album, "Ebb & Flow".

While in high school and college, Jennifer was very involved in singing for a jazz band, ensemble groups, as well as singing and acting in theatrical musical productions. Her early 20's brought forth a bunch of songs in a more jazz/pop genre, although a classical-sounding piece would come through now and then, such as "Green Forest", written at age 20.


By age 21 Jennifer began recording some of her tunes, gaining her initial experience in the recording studio. She also joined the Northern California Songwriters Association and began performing regularly at open mics throughout the south Bay Area. At age 28 she won first place in an open mic competition for "Best Performer" while playing her feisty Latin jazz piece, "This Man From Chile". She also began playing her tunes at festivals, bookstores, and coffee houses.

By age 30 Jennifer completed her first recording project on cassette: a six song recording of her then recent jazz/pop tunes, entitled "Sitting Pretty". She continued performing at open mics, weddings, and coffee houses; then a few years later produced her second recording on cassette entitled "The Power". By this time, married and with two small children under the age of five, Jennifer decided to give performing a rest and just focus on being a full time mom.

Out of this time of "rest" began her spiritual awakening, which led ultimately to the creation of a whole new wealth of songs, most of a spiritual nature. These new songs contain some of the jazz undertones and contemporary folk as well some a more classical feeling, reflecting Jennifer's earliest influences. She began performing her new tunes regularly at New Thought churches as well as other spiritual gatherings throughout her new area, Santa Cruz County.



Jennifer Bloomer life long composer and Singer/Songwriter with her composer Grandfather.
Jennifer, age 7, at the piano with her composer/pianist grandfather

Roseville/Rocklin area singing lessons: Jennifer Bloomer provides voice lessons in the Granite Bay, Fair Oaks, Carmichael and Orangevale area. Please feel free to inquire about classes in Folsom, El Dorado Hills and Rancho Cordova.

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